Argus Team Members Receive U.S. Patent for Pump System Used in Aircraft Fueling

Robert Larkin

Rail Programs Manager Keith Rice and Designer Robert Larkin have received a U.S. Patent for their invention of Pump Systems for Controlling Pressure Loads. The patent covers a pump system that controls a pressure load delivered to an aircraft interface included in the pump system.

Keith Rice

The pump system includes a pump circuit, a pump, and a valve system. The pump is coupled with the conduits and is configured to provide a pressure load to the aircraft interface to move fuel from a fuel reservoir through the conduits toward the aircraft interface in a fueling mode and to move fuel from the aircraft interface through the conduits toward the fuel reservoir in a defueling mode. Some aircraft fueling carts, for example, use a first pump when fueling the aircraft and a second pump when defueling the aircraft. Having more than one pump adds cost and weight to the fuel cart.