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Our team is ready to service your fuel system needs. We apply our extensive experience and knowledge of fuel systems and facilities, designed all over the world, in a variety of climates and terrain, and regulated by various codes and compliance standards, to your specific project.

Our multi-disciplined, subject matter experts help you provide quality designs and services that align between trades and reduce the risk for changes in the field. Led by a culture of competency and accountability, our fuels professionals operate with a willingness to listen to ideas, openness to communicate and collaborate, and adherence to delivering concise and accurate submittals.


Argus fuels professionals are located in eight offices around the country, and have licenses to perform work in 48 U.S. states.

Fuel system planning, design, and construction management projects require professional engineers that are licensed in the state, have the technical knowledge to perform the work, and can offset the environmental regulations, hazardous nature, and complexity of the facility operations. Our engineering is supported by robust experience from respected fuels maintenance and operations professionals, and POL veterans. We apply our extensive engineering practice to your project through the following disciplines:

  Civil engineering


  Structural engineering

  Mechanical engineering

  Electrical engineering

  Communications/controls engineering

  Environmental engineering

  Asset integrity

  Cathodic protection

  Fire protection consulting

Most importantly, your projects require quality people who do quality work and don't make your job more difficult. From our designers and onsite engineers and inspectors, to our accounting team and project managers, we strive to be your most trusted partner in fuels. We understand how to get this important work done, the process and people involved, the red tape, and the codes and standards. We are passionate about doing it well and getting it right.

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"Competent. Eager to help."

"Solid reputation & work. Very competent."

"Engineers that are willing to adapt to real-world conditions. They are willing to look at alternative solutions to the original specified method."

"Good service with great problem-solving abilities."

Feedback from the 2020 Argus Client and Partner Survey

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