DFW Hydrant System Modifications

From 2010 to 2017 DFW Airport renewed its original terminals that were opened 35 years earlier.

DFW Airport kicked off a seven-year Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) in 2010 to renew all of its original terminals - A, B,C and E. The terminal building systems, opened in 1974, have reached the end of their service life; so, DFW made the decision to replace aging infrastructure, install new, more efficient systems and extensively improve the travel experience for the more than 60 million passengers who fly through the airport annually.

During TRIP, DFW shifted aircraft to other terminals and renovated and reopened the existing satellite facility at Terminal E. Argus was retained to install and modify the hydrant system and hydrant pits to service the new aircraft mix and aircraft parking plans. Argus designed fuel pit modifications for 20 gates at Terminals A and C to support American Airlines’ re-gating and was also retained to modify five hydrant pits at the Terminal E satellite building.