The four Presidents of Argus gather to collaborate, in the bright, modern headquarters office of Argus Companies.

Announcing a New Era

March 6, 2024

Argus Companies, Inc. Ushers in Expanded Capabilities and Enhanced Client Services

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas — Today marks a new growth phase with the formation of Argus Companies, Inc., a holding company overseeing the expanding operations of three subsidiaries, including Argus Consulting, Inc., SAIM, LLC., and newly established Argus Construction Management, LLC. Argus Companies, Inc. represents a 100% employee-owned Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) transitioned from the original corporation, Argus Consulting, founded in 1994. 

The Four Presidents of Argus sit together in the company's new Headquarters Office in Overland Park, KS

The four Presidents of Argus, from left to right: (seated) Kent Bredehoeft, President and CEO of Argus Companies; Tina Lux-Boim, President of SAIM; Chris Straub, President of Argus Consulting; and (seated) Don Summers, President of Argus Construction Management.

"Our ongoing growth in our 30-year journey has been fueled by partnerships with invaluable clients and the unwavering dedication of our talented team members," said Kent Bredehoeft, President and Chief Executive Officer, Argus Companies.

"This expansion broadens our capabilities to provide specialized and experienced support for critical fuels infrastructure and further elevates the quality and scope of services our transportation, defense, and infrastructure clients have come to expect from Argus."

Bredehoeft is responsible for guiding the overall strategic direction and integration of shared services across the three subsidiaries. He also serves as Chairman of the Board for Argus Companies, Inc. and Argus Consulting, Inc.

A team of exceptional leaders is at the helm of the new subsidiaries. Chris Straub, a 24-year veteran of the firm, former Vice President, and General Manager, is now stepping into the role of President of Argus Consulting, Inc. Tina Lux-Boim continues to lead SAIM, LLC., the firm’s digital twin platform and software subsidiary, as President, and Don Summers takes on the role of President of Argus Construction Management, LLC.

"Each leader is an expert in their field, well-respected inside and outside our organization, and equipped to lead us into the future as we continue to innovate in these industries supporting fuel-handling systems and facilities across the world," Bredehoeft said.


An Overview of the Argus Companies

Argus Consulting, Inc. | Engineering and Professional Services - The consulting engineering core remains dedicated to delivering comprehensive program management, engineering design, construction administration, and asset integrity management. It will continue providing clients with the full spectrum of services for their facilities and systems that receive, store, distribute, dispense, and transport traditional and alternative fuels.

"The opportunity to lead Argus Consulting is extremely special for me," said Chris Straub, President, Argus Consulting, Inc. "I’ve seen this company grow and evolve so much in my long career here, and the restructuring unlocks limitless potential for the future. I will continue to be present with clients, having those important, personalized conversations on the business of fuelanticipating and meeting their evolving needs, and working with our expert team members on leading solutions that continue to enhance and extend the value, reliability, and longevity of the systems that fuel our world."

The four Presidents of Argus stand outside the 7900 College Blvd HQ office in Overland Pake, KS


Argus Consulting recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as the fuel system engineering firm, serving commercial and general aviation, military, marine, rail, and oil and gas infrastructure.


SAIM, LLC. | Software and Digitization Services – The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subsidiary leverages smart technology to provide easy-to-use tools that support asset integrity management, performance insights, and record-keeping for the Maintenance, Monitoring, and As-Builts aspects of infrastructure facilities. The subsidiary was formed in 2019 by Argus, and the platform has become the leading system for U.S. airlines, providing value at more than 40 major U.S. commercial airports.

"Being part of Argus Companies is a unique differentiator for SAIM," said Tina Lux-Boim, President, SAIM, LLC. "Other software companies don’t have access to the engineering skills, talent, and industry expert perspectives that we do, which provides great value for the clients we serve because we truly understand, from top to bottom, the facilities and systems they manage and the business problems they’re tasked to solve."

SAIM brings infrastructure intelligence - critical data trends, document and inventory management, operations and maintenance manuals, as-built models, LiDAR scans, work orders, real-time signals and alarms, inspection and audit reports, and performance metrics to the forefront with user-friendly digital twin and hand-held technologies. This enhances collaboration between facility stakeholders, including owners, operators, and engineers, eliminates guesswork, and provides the transparency and collective knowledge needed for informed decision-making to deliver a safe, efficient, and well-maintained operation.


Argus Construction Management, LLC. | Construction and Contracting Services - This new subsidiary complements Argus Consulting’s Engineering Support Services with design-build capabilities to provide our clients with full life-cycle fuel continuity services.

"Many clients desire to work with one company from start to finish on their projects, from engineering and design to construction startup to final punch lists," said Don Summers, President, Argus Construction Management, LLC. "With this new entity, Argus is able to deliver on that model for our clients where it makes sense, reduce their risk, and provide them with a single point of contact for the duration of the project."

Argus Construction Management, LLC. will work hand in hand with Argus Consulting, Inc., leveraging its industry experts to assess client needs and deliver quality work on time and on budget. Argus Construction Management, LLC. will be focused on building relationships with clients and partnering general contractors, subcontractorsand vendors to collaboratively execute successful design-build fuel system project work into the future.


Unified in Fuel and Looking Ahead

With the restructuring, Argus now provides its clients with a full suite of services for comprehensive asset life cycle management of their critical infrastructure. When clients choose Argus, they can start at the ground level with inventory forecasting, feasibility studies, program planningenvironmental considerations, engineering design (now with more robust estimating and constructability oversight), and construction management.

The service then continues with asset integrity management programs, inspections, and facility digital services, including maintenance, monitoring, and as-built capabilities with data and insights that are critical to informed decision-making.

"Our customers are specialized in what they do and understand the importance of the niche world of fuels," Chris Straub said. "Because of the specialty of our firm, every decision we make is built around improving the work of fuel system engineering and support. Every hire, every training investment, every strategic business move, and every software purchase is in service of being our clients’ most trusted partner in fuels infrastructure."

Kent Bredehoeft summarizes our forward momentum by saying, "These strategic changes underscore our commitment to growth, a proactive approach, service excellence, and nurturing a future for our employee-owners. Our work is critical to how people move through the world and to fueling the mission of protecting our nation. United in our purpose, we are poised to fuel forward, connected, stronger, and more focused than ever."


About Argus Companies

Argus Companies, Inc. is a leading provider of engineering, software, and construction management services dedicated to supporting the life cycle of fueling assets and infrastructure. Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Argus Companies, Inc. is 100% employee-owned and built on three decades of specialized engineering and professional services committed to delivering value to its clients worldwide.