Cannon AFB Pumphouse and Fuel Storage

This project ensures mission success for theater-level and Homeland Defense by reducing response time during crisis operations and aircraft turnaround times for the 130 aircraft operating out of Cannon AFB.

Argus Consulting completed the 35% and final design and Title II services for a new Southeast Ramp Satellite Fuels Storage distribution point and a four-truck fillstand island, equipped with four issue pumps, two 600 gpm offload skids, emergency shut-off switches, current safety features, pump house control room with microprocessor controls supported by two 5,000 BBL aboveground JP-8 fuels storage tanks with isolation valves, drains and all other compliance appurtenances. Project included tank design for the two 5,000 BBL AST’s.

Our design and services capabilities combined to deliver a diverse set of project features from tank design to fire protection.

Also included in this project is construction of refueling unit parking area pavement and roadways for six R-11 refuelers and a distribution pump house with current safety and/or emergency features, backup generator, product recovery systems, receipt filter separator with product flow meters and associated hardware, as well as a 10-person driver's dispatch area and three offices adjacent to the pump house. The design covers the supporting utilities, site improvements, pavements, fire protection, communication system, protective fencing, outdoor lighting, cathodic protection, leak detection systems, spill containment, access roads and pavements, and all necessary support.