Davis-Monthan AFB Type III Hydrant System

The new system eliminates a 50+ year old refueling system and eliminates the potential for leaks and cleanup costs and treatment.

Argus performed the Design/Bid/Build of a JP-8 Type III hydrant fuel system to support the A-10 Warthog hot refueling efforts at Davis-Monthan AFB. The new hydrant fueling system serves nine aircraft parking positions, each hot pit capable, complete with pumphouse, two fuel tanks, two truck fillstands, product recovery system, hydrant service vehicle checkout and an operations building. A universal wide-body refueling lane was also designed to accommodate the KC-135, KC-10 and C-17 aircraft and one position designated to support the E-4B National Airborne Command Aircraft.

Phased planning and strategic execution to maintain critical operations

The new fuel system features a Type III standard 2400 gpm pumphouse with pumps and filter separators, two 10,000 BBL operating tanks with impermeable dikes and basins; a transfer pipeline, two truck fill stands; a product recovery system; a hydrant service checkout stand; a consolidated fuels operations building; a 20-position refueler parking area and demolition of two existing fuel pump houses. Type I system operating tanks were abandoned in place. The LEED Silver-Certified fuel operations building was designed as well as a new operations building, which included a fuels lab for jet fuel quality control testing. The existing Type II fuel system was demolished and a new transfer line was extended to the new Type III Hydrant System. The existing underground fuel storage tanks were abandoned in place. Significant phasing was required to maintain uninterrupted airfield operations.

Paving included the truck offload, fillstand and refueler parking pavement and POL access drives to the pump house and refueler truck fillstands with a single layer of #4 reinforcement bars on 10-inch centers each way. The reinforcement and fuel resistant sealed contraction joints were used to control cracking and provide positive spill containment.