Project Planning Studies and Facility Assessments for the Military

Argus was contracted by the USACE - Omaha District to evaluate U.S. Army, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy and Marine Corps facilities throughout the United States to identify code deficiencies.

After deficiencies were identified through site visits to multiple DOD POL facilities, Argus provided a Deficiency Summary Report, which included a comprehensive list of priorities and recommendations for repair or replacement at each location. The report was then submitted to DLA and APC for project funding consideration. From this report, the DLA and APC developed a list of priority design and construction projects.

Generally, the deficiencies identified varied from minor repair items to complete facility replacement. In some cases, Argus created a Design Build RFP package to be used by a Design-Build contractor.

Argus conducted 28 PPD Evaluations (Project, Planning & Development) and 54 RPI Evaluations, ranging in estimated construction value from $300,000 to more than $3 million.

PPDs included facility evaluation and site visit, a full Deficiency Summary Report and design services. RPIs only included facility assessments and the report outlining deficiencies and recommendations.

Additionally, Argus conducted visual evaluation of existing fueling systems and provided technical expertise to assist the real property correction and environmental inspection process at more than 80 CONUS sites.