BWI New Tank Farm and Hydrant Fueling System

A challenging project that required construction of new facilities on the existing site while maintaining operations and resolution of prior subsurface environmental issues.

Argus Consulting was selected to provide comprehensive planning, design, construction administration and resident engineering services for the new fuel receiving, storage and distribution facility and a 31-gate aircraft hydrant fueling system at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The project presented several challenges, as the new facility was to be constructed on the same site as the existing facility, while keeping the existing facility in constant operation. Another significant challenge required mitigating concerns identified by the Maryland Department of Environment regarding subsurface fuel contamination from previous activities.

The nearly three-year project included construction of four 30,000 BBL aboveground storage tanks, truck loading/unloading islands, a hydrant cart test stand, diesel fuel storage tank, operations building, pipeline receiving and pump pad, 2,000 feet of 20” distribution piping, and 4,800 feet of 14” piping.