DFW Capital Development Program

Argus has provided fueling and environmental services for DFW starting as a member of the 2000 Capital Development Program team.

As we started the 21st century, the DFW Airport Board launched a comprehensive $2.7 billion multi-year Capital Development Program. This 10-year program included the construction of the new passenger terminal, parking structures, roadways, infrastructure systems and a completely new airport-wide Automated People Mover system (APM).

Argus Consulting, Inc. was selected as member of the Capital Development Program (CDP) team and was responsible for design and construction administration for multiple simultaneous projects including aircraft fueling systems improvements, fuel storage facility and environmental services. Argus served as program manager, contract administrator, designer, field service manager and resident engineer for improvements at the DFW Tank Farm and the airport fueling hydrant system and for corresponding environmental programs.

Project coordination of fueling and environmental tasks

Argus coordinated on many levels of this project with the DFW Airport Board, the airlines at DFW, stakeholders of a five pipeline/oil company fuel receiving station, and state regulators regarding airport property environmental clean-up and remediation.

Fueling specific tasks included:

  • expansion of the fuel storage facility,
  • integration of a five pipeline/oil company fuel receiving station with the capacity of receiving up to 6,000 gpm into storage,
  • the erection of six 80,000 BBL API-650 fuel storage tanks with a total capacity of 480,000 BBL,
  • design parameters that negated the installation of expensive floating suctions arms in the fuel storage tanks,
  • development of a 16,800 gpm hydrant system pumping station and the integration of new tank inventory, pump control and leak detection systems,
  • development of an industry leading hydrant cart test stand with the capability of setting optimum flow, pressure and control features on hydrant carts to provide faster aircraft fueling, and
  • expansion of the distribution and hydrant systems which includes 210,000 feet of piping to 225 aircraft gate positions.

Environmental tasks included:

  • preconstruction assessment for the Capitol Development Program (CDP),
  • preparation of a Contaminated Media Management Plan (CMMP) that was used throughout the CDP program,
  • subsurface investigation, assessment, and modeling of jet fuel contamination throughout the terminal area during the CDP,
  • design and operation of a HiVac remediation system for a multi-acre plume of jet fuel,
  • decommissioning and environmental assessment of the former Hyatt Hotel dry cleaner,
  • SPCC Plans for fueling facilities throughout the DFW Airport,
  • Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) assessment, reporting, permitting and remediation for fuel and chlorinated solvent plumes at the Northwest and Northeast Cargo Areas, and
  • demolition and cleanup of former GSE and glycol facilities.