DFW Truck Load Rack

Argus met a tight timeline to deliver a new fuel rack and demolish the existing one without impacting completion of the terminal expansion.

While most of DFW is serviced by an underground fuel hydrant system, refueler trucks are still needed for aircraft not parked at hydrant-accessible gates. The airport’s only jet refueler truck rack located on the south end of Terminal D needed to be relocated to make room for the expansion of the terminal that was progressing quickly.

DFW Fuel and DFW Airport retained Argus to find a new location, design the new fuel rack and plan the demolition of the existing one. Argus executed its project delivery without impacting the Terminal D expansion.

Demolition and state-of-the-art construction of equipment and infrastructure

The site of a pre-existing, unused station north of Terminal A was slated for the new refueler loading facility. The expedited schedule included its demolition and constructing a new jet fuel refueler load rack facility with refueler parking for eight additional refueler vehicles and associated equipment, appurtenances and infrastructure including, two new fuel loading islands, light poles, an electrical service rack, and fuel quality testing building.

Demolition activities included demolishing existing concrete pavement, existing fuel load rack infrastructure and appurtenances, demolishing and removing existing utilities and light poles. New construction included the installation of new concrete pavement, a containment drainage system including a new oil/water separator, installation of a relocated prefabricated building, connection to existing underground fuel piping, the installation of two new jet fuel system skids and associated equipment, state-of-the-art emergency fuel shut-off system infrastructure, and associated new utilities to service the new facility.