FLL Digital 3D As-Builts

Data from digital 3D As-Builts can be used for future design projects, engineering analysis, training, and inspection projects.

Argus created 3D geometrical scans and 3D intelligent engineering models of the tanks, process equipment, piping systems, buildings and infrastructure within Fort Lauderdale International Airport Fuel Facility. The LiDAR scans were used to create 3D CAD As-Builts of the assets to be used for future upgrade projects and for creating a digital twin of the facilities for the SAIM™ Smart Asset Integrity Management platform services.

Specialized surveyors equipped with terrestrial 3D laser scanning collected full-coverage point cloud data of the equipment, aboveground piping, structures, and associated components to produce the 3D CAD intelligent models and the 3D interactive view of all assets. The scan data is of high level of accuracy eliminating human field survey errors and producing drawings based on verifiable sources of data.

This 3D digital twin was immediately used as the reference data for the design of a new pumping and tank project.

The original design documents were not available, so the digital twin allowed the team to avoid detailed and extensive site investigation, and to design the new equipment with exact dimensions to mate with the existing equipment, providing the opportunity for off-site fabrication and eliminating fit-up errors during construction. The completed project design will not only provide a set operating documents for the new design but also the existing facility; creating one source of information for the facility into the future.