UIO New Fuel Storage Facility

Argus built a new fuel farm to serve Quito's new 5-star airport that has become one of South America's busiest.

A mountainous location did not allow Quito, Ecuador, to expand its old airport to accommodate larger aircraft and increased air traffic. So, in 2013, it opened a new greenfield airport located in Tababela parish, east of Quito. Argus Consulting teamed with Allied Aviation for design and construction administration of a new aircraft fuel storage facility to serve Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre.

The facility is a site with three 10,000 bbl Jet-A API 650 tanks, three 15,000 gallon horizontal tanks with skid mounted bulk loading and unloading equipment for Avgas, Mogas and Diesel. The facility is equipped with two landside unloading positions, three airside loading positions, fifteen refueler parking locations, and an Administrative, Operations and Maintenance Building.