ORD Master Planning and Master Engineer

Argus contributes to O'Hare's largest terminal revamp in its 73-year history.

Argus has been retained by the O’Hare Fuel Committee as the City of Chicago prepares to undergo the single largest, most expensive terminal revamp in the 73-year history of Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

In 2002, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) conducted an airport wide master plan for O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to prepare for the projected increases in flight activity at ORD as well as to address the fact that the airport was ranked as one of the most delayed airports in the country. The overall master plan identified major infrastructure improvements to address the current and future demands of the Airport. As a result of the findings of the master planning effort, the CDA embarked upon a major infrastructure improvement program commonly known as the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP).

Developing the roadmap for construction by composing the master plan

The ORD Fueling Master Plan, composed by Argus, identified and provided the overall basis for the tasks associated with the fuel system modifications required to accommodate the overall OMP construction activities. The O’Hare Fuel Committee (OFC), and its service provider Menzies Aviation, retained Argus to serve as Master Engineer for the Fuel System Improvement Program (FSIP) to provide technical and planning implementation of significant modifications to the ORD fueling system associated with the OMP. Upon completion of the Master Plan in 2014, Argus was retained to serve as the Master Engineer to implement the FSIP program. This ongoing task has included planning, design, design oversight, material procurement, environmental management, construction supervision, cost estimating, scheduling and overall management support of the $500M airport wide fuel improvement program.