Rail Fuel Facility & Industrial Wastewater Plant

Replacing a 60+ year-old Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (IWTP) with a new state-of-the-art IWTP located away from the river.

Argus Consulting has been retained to design the replacement for the locomotive fuel storage, pumping, piping and dispensing facility and the industrial wastewater treatment plant (IWTP). Argus is also providing permitting assistance.

The fuel system will be relocated to the service track side of the yard and two new 300,000-gallon storage tanks a new storage tank, pumphouse, and truck unload will be constructed along will installation of new aboveground piping to serve six locomotive fueling spots.  The old system and underground piping will be demolished.  The fueling platform will be cleaned and sealed.

The IWTP project will include new lift station(s) and sewers connecting the diesel shop and locomotive service areas to a new automated IWTP. It is equipped with automated trash removal, a grit chamber, lift station, 100-year capacity surge tank, an oil-water separator and dissolved air flotation for clarification of the water before disposal to the City of Portland’s publicly-owned treatment works.

The plant will also be equipped with the necessary systems and tanks for management of the oils and solid wastes extracted by the wastewater treatment process. Upon completion of the new construction, the existing IWTP will be demolished along with sewers that are no longer needed.