Rail Locomotive Diesel Shop Oil Piping Replacement and Upgrades

Enhancing user-friendly operations and providing a safer working environment

Argus provided design and construction administration for upgrades to the lube oil and used oil piping systems in the diesel shop for enhanced user-friendly operations and a safer working environment. This project replaced most of the lube oil collection and distribution piping in the eight-track maintenance area, replaced four collection pumps, and two distribution pumps, added new isolation valves, added heat tracing for improved used-oil collection, and refurbished the air ventilation capabilities for the entire shop.

Argus also designed a portable lube oil dispensing cart, similar to aviation fueling hydrant carts, and designed lube oil connection pits to replace stationary lube oil distribution hose reels, which improved the efficiency and functionality of lube oil changes for diesel shop employees. Some of the old piping was removed and other sections were abandoned in place.