Rental Car Fuel Facilities Tank Replacement at Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Our facility assessment provided options for replacing underground fuel storage with aboveground fuel facilities that are compliant and cost effective.

Argus Consulting has been retained for planning, design, bidding and construction administration for a new fuel system at the rental car facilities supporting Columbia Metropolitan Airport. In 2017, Argus conducted an analysis of the existing fueling system and provided a feasibility study to the Airport with probable cost estimates and concepts for multiple options to better serve the aviation community and the rental car tenants.

The Airport decided to move forward with removing and replacing the underground storage tanks (UST’s) with aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) along with supporting infrastructure at the five rental car facilities. The modifications include decommissioning and removing all five (5) 12,000-gallon UST’s and replace with a similar AST system at each location; over the road (OTR) truck unloading, system pumping/filtration, and supporting equipment. Each new facility will include a new 12,000-gallon tank (UL-2085) storing automotive gasoline, stand-alone pumping system and tie into the existing fuel lines over to the fueling islands. Fuel will continue to be delivered via transport truck. A slab-on-grade concrete containment pad will be provided for the aboveground storage tanks and dispensing skid.  A new Emergency Fuel Shutoff (EFSO) system will be provided for the tank that will tie-in to the pump start/stop relays and sound an audible alarm when activated.

CAE Analysis
Underground Storage Tanks
System Analysis