SFO Sustainable Aviation Fuel Study

In 2018, San Francisco International Airport looked into innovative and cost-effective options for overcoming the logistical and infrastructure limitations of supplying SAF to airlines.

Argus was retained for the feasibility study that is required in defining a clear path to increase airlines’ purchase and use of SAF to fuel flights from the airport. Argus reviewed, analyzed, and summarized the conventional fuel supply chain that serves SFO. Argus then evaluated the historical fuel consumption, enplanements, and operations data to advance a fuel consumption prediction; and using the knowledge of these two aspects, developed a set of 14 conceptual designs for new or expanded facilities throughout the Bay Area that could best incorporate SAF. The designs provided a varied set of options to cost-effectively incorporate multiple modalities of receipt and issue; as well as handle predicted volumes for short, medium, and long-term timeframes.