SMF Engineering Support Services

Technical support to owners and operators in a collaborative environment

Argus Consulting has an on-call contract for engineering support services for maintenance, inspections, and emergency services for the airlines’ fueling facilities at Sacramento International Airport. The goal of the program is to provide technical support to the owner and operator in a collaborative environment to improve overall facility performance, extend the service life of the facilities assets and reduce overall operational cost. This contract includes engineering services for repairs, site visits to address specific issues on an emergency basis, facility assessments, contractor vetting, bid analysis, and procurement for special projects, and oversight of specific programs such as its cathodic protection program, leak detection, capital planning, standards development, and maintenance order tracking.

From environmental reporting to writing O&M manuals, Argus provides comprehensive support

Over the years, Argus has performed various special projects on request, such as environmental reporting to state authorities, planning studies for future expansion, supply chain studies, writing an operations and maintenance manual, etc. In other instances, Argus has provided operations support, inspection, maintenance, and replace in kind construction projects.