YOC Community Fuel Depot

GA_Old Crow_panoramic_20150923_180744
Community aviation, heating and auto fuel depot at Old Crow Airport in Yukon, Canada

Old Crow is a community of 167 people located in Canada’s northern Yukon and it is only accessible via aircraft. Hence, all fuel, including heating oil, low sulfur diesel, unleaded gasoline, Avgas, and Jet-A, are all provided via aircraft delivery. Argus was retained to assess all the fuel storage tanks within the community and the consumption and present options for a new centralized community fuel depot with additional fuel storage tanks and new unloading pumps, filters, and refueler loading equipment and dispensing for the various fuels.

Argus and design/build partner W.S. Nicholls Western Construction built the community’s new centralized fuel depot at the Old Crow airport, consisting of 16 total tanks, five separate unloading systems, one bulk loading system and four dispensing systems. The new equipment was designed so that it could be delivered via C-130 Hercules aircraft or on the community’s once-a-decade winter road (as seen on the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”), and is skid-mounted for easy installation and mobility. Heated enclosures have been built to tolerate extreme weather conditions and to be explosion proof.