MCI New Terminal Hydrant Fueling System

Revitalizing Kansas City International Airport through our cross-functional engineering expertise

Argus provided terminal hydrant fueling system planning, design, construction administration, and resident engineering services for the aircraft hydrant fueling system (AHFS) and ground support equipment (GSE) fueling associated with a new passenger terminal building to serve the Kansas City International Airport (MCI).

All airline operations will be consolidated into a new H-shaped Passenger Terminal Building Complex within the general footprint of the demolished Passenger Terminal A. During the construction of the new terminal, a phased design was used to maintain operation of all airside and landside activities at Concourses B and C. Argus provided civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, controls, and corrosion protection engineering for the new terminal. Additionally, Argus provided full-time resident engineering oversight throughout the construction, testing, and commissioning of the AHFS.

The initial task of the project was to install new transfer lines to provide fuel supply to Terminals B and C as part of an Early Utility Relocation Package. This package included two new fuel transfer lines to replace the existing five-line fuel distribution piping system that was routed within the footprint of the new terminal building and parking structure. The old mains were demolished to facilitate Terminal A building demolition and construction of new access roads and infrastructure. Argus designed and provided construction support for two new 12” fuel mains (roughly 7,200 linear feet), an isolation valve vault, and manifold to relocate the existing mains. Overnight tie-ins and hot tapping of the existing system allowed seamless Terminal B and C operation.

The single terminal design necessitated the relocation of the GSE Fuel tanks. Argus provided the design, construction administration, and site support for a new, 12,000-gallon diesel double-wall tank and a 12,000-gallon mo-gas double-wall tank. The systems include truck offload positions, piping systems, and GSE loading positions.

Argus provided a new AHFS for fuel to reach each gate at the new terminal. The design included fuel main and lateral piping, fueling hydrants, a segmented EFSO system, aboveground manifolds, and a fuel isolation vault. Throughout construction, Argus had an on-site representative to provide engineering oversight and help with challenges that included horizontal directional drilling, system testing, flushing, tie-ins, and commissioning.


The project included multiple design packages and a phased construction program.

Project 1 - Early Utility Relocation to make ready for the Terminal Construction
Project 2 - New GSE Fuel Facility providing Mo-Gas and Diesel service
Project 3 - New Hydrant System complete with more than 40 hydrant pits, EFSO, isolation valves, etc.
Project 4 - Demolition/decommissioning of the existing hydrant system serving the existing concourses.